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      Inflatable Lumbar Support
      Inflatable Lumbar Support
      Inflatable Lumbar Support

      Inflatable Lumbar Support

      Item no:MBT-3

      Place of Origin: Danyang, China

      MOQ: 3000pcs

      Supply Ability: 300,000pcs/month

      Port: Shanghai, Ningbo etc

      • Description

      ? Dual-position control switch (inflate/deflate);

      ? Best heat sealing/welding process, air tightness guarantee;

      ? Made of eco-friendly TPU;

      ? Specification

      TPU bladderItem NoSizeColorLogoRemark
      MBT-116*26cmWhite/Transparent/Blue etcSilk printA with tubing on the bottom part, B with tubing on the side part
      MBT-2 15.5*30cmA with tubings connected directly, B with plastic connector to connect two tubings  
      MBT-425*20cmTwo cells and two tubings
      MBT-516*33.5cmCenter part can't be inflated
      MBT-613.5*33.5cmConnector design
      MBT-738.5*52cmConnector design

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